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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Military Autographs.Com and the military memorabilia that we have for sale. We have been collecting military autographs and memorabilia for over thirty years. Over these years we have gained experience handling and sourcing original material. If you have specific wants, please let us know. We have contacts all over the world and are constantly acquiring new material. We have enjoyed building collections for the novice as well as obtaining that elusive item for the veteran collector.

"making another house call to view a collection". "I'm still looking for a King Tiger as well".

George Clark

George has been involved in collecting militaria for over thirty five years. His main passion is autographs of Leading Personalities of the Third Reich, and over the years he has put together a spectacular collection. Like most collectors, one area is not enough and George is also well acquainted with German WWII uniforms and headgear.

Bill Hughes

Since finding a German helmet in a farmers field on a family bike outing; I have been fascinated by military history. My Interests are varied, but I am especially interested in Canadian World War One material. Naturally, military autographs, with a heavy emphasis on Knights Cross Recipients, are first and foremost in my collection.