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WWII RAF CASED BRITISH MK. IX AIRCRAFT BUBBLE SEXTANT. A blackened alloy Mark IX Bubble Sextant, in its original bakelite case. The case stands 8 7/8" tall, is 7" wide, and has a base depth of 6 3/4" with its cover closed. Its top is 3 1/4" deep with its cover closed, angling outward until it matches the base depth 3 1/2" above it. Rectangular alloy "rings" are riveted to either side, through which are sewn either end of a 1" x 17 1/2" brown leather carrying handle. Riveted to its top are aluminum flanges which mate with the two aluminum friction clips riveted to the upper edge of the cover. The lower edge of the cover is hinged, allowing it to open outward. Fed into a riveted aluminum window to the cover is a celluloid card with "6B/151," "Bubble Sextant Mk.IX," "H.H.&S. Ltd.," "Serial No. 12075/40," and "Index Corrn." printed to it. The interior is padded along its base, both sides, and the inside of the cover. There is cracking to the dried padding. Two sections of padding are to extensions along the rear interior wall, to one side of which are clips for a vertical component". Also within the case is a 4 1/2" x 4 7/8" tan-colored piece of paper, entitled "Corrections for Sextant No.,” The sextant itself, which was intended to be used aboard aircraft, appears to be complete. Overall, an impressive instrument.

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