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Buchner, Hermann

* 30.10.1919 Salzburg/Österreich
+ 01.12.2005 Lörsching/Linz

Awarded Knights Cross: 20.07.1944
as: Oberfeldwebel Flugzeugführer 6./SchlG 2 "Immelmann"

Postwar signed 5” x 6 ½” composite photo of B-17 bombers with an inset photo of Hermann Buchner.

Hermann Buchner was born in Salzburg, Austria, 30th October 1919. Hermann Buchner's first combat role was ground attack. After 215 combat missions he was badly injured when his Me109 exploded at 22,000ft. Returning to action in 1943, he flew a further 200 missions before again being wounded. Back in action a third time, he fought in the Crimea and Romania. After 500 ground attack missions he transferred to join 'Nowotny', the Me262 jet trials unit, and then 9./JG7. He was the first jet pilot in history to score a victory,eventually scoring a total of 12 while flying the Me262. Hermann Buchner had 58 air victories plus 48 tanks, numerous trucks and anti-aircraft units.

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