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LION Karl-Hermann

Lion, Karl-Hermann
* 05.11.1910 Saarlouis
+ 02.05.1994 Saarlouis
Awarded Knights Cross: 04.06.1942
as: Oberleutnant Staffelkapitän 9./StukaG 1

Karl-Hermann Lion was born November 5, 1911 in Saarlouis in the Saarland. In 1934 he was trained as a pilot at the German commercial flying school and joined the Luftwaffe in 1935. He was then trained as a fighter pilot and attached to the Coastal Fighter Squadron 2./136 in Kiel. In the fall of 1938 he was acting as a Stuka Pilot on board the Air Craft Carrier “Graf Zeppelin”. In the spring of 1939 he was director of the Stuka training school in Parow / Stralsund. At the beginning of the war he began service as a Leutnant in the Air Craft Carrier Squadron 4./186. During the Western Campaign he was Oberleutnant in the staff of Air Craft Carrier Group 186, and then to the III. Group of the 1st Stuka Wing. In the fall of 1940 he made squadron commander. In the spring of 1941 his squadron was based in Sicily. While in Sicily he was made commander of the 9th squadron in the 1st Stuka Wing. At the beginning of the Eastern Campaign, his squadron was deployed at the centre of the front. It was there that he received the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross after completing 368 sorties. In the fall of 1943 he was made commander of I. Group of the 101st Stuka Wing, which was later renamed 101st Ground Support Wing. By the end of the War he attained the rank of Major, and was veteran of 680 missions.

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