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Buchner, Hermann
* 30.10.1919 Salzburg/Österreich
+ 01.12.2005 Hörsching/Linz
Awarded Knights Cross: 20.07.1944
as: Oberfeldwebel Flugzeugführer 6./SchlG 2 "Immelmann"
Buchner is credited with 46 tank victories and 58 aerial victories, including 12 while flying the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter, accumulated in 631 combat missions.
Buchner flew his first combat mission on the Me 262 on 26 November 1944 and claimed a P-38 Lightning shot down. He flew further 19 missions on the Me 262 and claimed eleven more aircraft shot down.

Buchner, in the two years following World War II, served as an observer in the weather service of the American occupation forces. He helped found the Aero-Club Salzburg and worked as a flight instructor at glider school Zell am See. Austria regained its political autonomy in 1955 and Buchner joined the newly emerging Austrian Luftwaffe as a flight instructor and officer. Buchner was one of the first pilots trained on the British DH 115 "Vampire" and later the Swedish Saab J-29. He served as a technical officer in the Jagdbomber-Schulstaffel (ground attack training squadron) in Graz under command of Major Karl "Charly" Bleckl. Promoted to Oberstleutnant and staff officer in Jagdbombergeschwader 1 and at the same time surrogate of commander Oberst Bleckl he was made commander of the airfield at Linz-Hörsching in 1979. Buchner retired from active service one year later.
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Author of the book Stormbird

Hermann Buchner was one of the rare bomber pilots who also became a fighter pilot. The author, a Luftwaffe NCO pilot and Knight s Cross holder, gives a riveting account of his training with the pre-war Austrian air force, instructing with the Luftwaffe, and the terrifying ground-attack operations on the Eastern Front trying to stop the Russian mincing machine. Despite being shot down twice, Buchner himself targeted Il2s, Yak 9s, and a Boston bomber who fell victim to his eagle eye.
Later tasked with opposing the Allied daylight bombing raids into deepest Germany, Buchner labored to protect his homeland. Serving alongside many well-known aces and sometimes taking off from his home airfield while under Soviet shellfire, he paints a picture of a man surviving against incredible odds, who became one of the elite with JG7 and learned that the important thing with the Me262 was to land near a convenient foxhole. Supplemented by more than 140 photographs, mostly from the author s personal collection, along with color profiles of his aircraft and opponents, Stormbird presents a remarkable insight into the life of a Luftwaffe pilot in WWII.

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