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HENLE Hermann

Henle, Hermann
* 10.07.1916 Traustein
+ 16.03.2008 Hamburg
Awarded Knights Cross: 19.09.1943
as: Hauptmann Funktion: Führer II./WerferRgt 70

Hermann Henle came as a son of the public prosecutor in Augsburg after completing his Reichsarbeitsdienst on 6 April 1936 as a cadet in the Wehrmacht. He came here to Infantry Regiment 61. In 1937 he was promoted to ensign and the midshipman. During his training, he came to the War School Hannover, the Infantry School Döberitz and the pioneer school Dessau. In 1938 he was appointed lieutenant. In the same year he finished in 2nd place in the officer's pentathlon competition of the Military District VII. In 1939 he was transferred to the fog-teaching and test department in Celle. In this he was in 1940 appointed Lieutenant. In eastern campaign Henle was used in the launcher regiments 52, 70 and 15. FIG. In 1941 he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class. He later attended another course for departmental commanders in Antwerp. In 1942 he did as a captain in the artillery regiment Greater Germany his service. Here the Iron Cross 1st class, he was awarded. In 1943 he was employed with his unit at the II. Battalion of the Grenadier Regiment. 9 In late summer 1943 he took part in this 3rd Ladoga battle. He took over on its own decision, the leadership of the II. Battalion of the Grenadier Regiment 9. This then succeeded to keep the assigned section him. For the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross he was allegedly awarded on 17 September 1943rd In the act of 19 September 1943 was recorded and it was signed by Major General Burgdorf 20 September 1943rd For the ceremony he was honored on 26 September 1943 in the divisional order of the day 28/43 of the 23rd Infantry Division. On the same day, he distinguished himself during the battles of the level 216 in the 19th Panzer Division from. For this has been reported in the daily report to the XXIV Panzer Corps by the 19th Panzer Division following:. "The heavy defensive battles at 26.9 became apparent the II./Werfer-Regiment 70, led by their captain Abt.Kdr Henle outstanding bravery.. made. While preferring and Instellunggehens unbolted the abbot. under the personal guidance of its Abt.Kdr. a local break-off to then clean up of their own accord the break with all launchers in direct fire and infanteristischem use. " In the cleanup department made about 100 prisoners and captured a large number of guns and infantry weapons. Lieutenant General Källner said the Department for their decisive action and thereby proven exceptional bravery to thank and special recognition. Yet in 1943 he was promoted to Major. 1944, the Infantry Assault Badge awarded him.
from http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/H/HenleHermann.htm

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