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~SOLD~ MAYR Rudolf

Mayr, Rudolf
* 01.05.1910 Miesbach/Oberbayern
+ 04.08.1991
Awarded Knights Cross: 18.05.1943
as: Oberleutnant Staffelkapitän 9./KG 40
Rudolf Mayr worked in 1938 for the German Lufthansa Atlantic service as a pilot of a Dornier -Flugbootes. His first experience in polar regions he gathered in May 1938 when a Danish expedition led by Lauge Koch , where he Northeast Greenland from the air with the Dornier Wal explored Perssuak. Due to its polar experience he took 1938/39 as pilot of the Dornier Wal D-ALOX Passat at the German Antarctic Expedition led by Alfred Ritscher part. This expedition explored from the air, an approximately 600,000 km² area that the name " New Swabia received". With the measuring cameras of trade and the other Dornier Wal Boreas under Captain Richard Henry Schirmacher 11,600 incurred aerial photographs in the expedition, which formed the basis of the first maps of this area. An outstanding from the inland mountain range was the expedition leader Jutulsessen called.

In World War II Mayr served in the Air Force , where he most recently the rank of captain when Kampfgeschwader 40 held. For his achievements, he was on 23 December 1941, the German Cross in Gold and on May 18, 1943 with the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded.

After the war, Mayr was again employed by the Lufthansa and rose to the chief pilot. On August 15, 1956, he opened with a Lockheed Super Constellation the route Hamburg - Rio de Janeiro . On February 9, 1960 Mayr acquired together with Werner Utter the first license of a Lufthansa flight captain for Boeing 707 and introduced the first machine in March 1960 after Germany. In 1965 he received the National Meteorological Service badge of the German Weather Service .

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