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Senghas, Paul
* 31.01.1916 Böttingen/Neckar
+ 06.11.1996 Flein bei Heilbronn
Awarded Knights Cross: 11.12.1944
as: Obersturmführer Führer 1./SS-PzRgt 5 "Wiking"

Senghas participated in the Polish campaign, which was subordinate to the staff of the Panzer Division "Kempf" . From May 1940, the division was used in the Western campaign in the Netherlands , Belgium and France . He went on to serve in the Balkan campaign and the invasion of Russia.

In 1942, the now experienced western and eastern front fighter Paul Senghas was transferred to the 1st Company of SS Panzer Regiment 5 of the SS Division "Wiking" .

In 1943, after SS-Hauptscharführer Senghas had destroyed 30 enemy tanks and proved his leadership qualities, he became reserve officer candidate and after brief training, in June 1943 he was promoted to Untersturmfuhrer

From July 5 to August 23, 1944, Senghas became the leader of the staff company of the First Company He then took over the 3rd Company, which only a few days later experienced the disaster.

On August 26, 1944 Senghas' 3rd Company / I. Department (with 6 Panzerkampfwagen IV and 2 Sturmgeschütz IV ) almost destroyed in heavy fighting. They was forced to blow up the last remaining vehicles on the eastern riverbank during the battles in the Slezany bridgehead. Theunit lost 8 Pz IV and 4 StuG IV on a single day of combat.

After a brief recovery and recovery Senghas took over the 1st Company of the regiment. He resumed the fight and fought bitterly in Poland and Hungary until the last armored car of the company was destroyed and the remains of his men could only fight as infantrymen . In January, the 1st Division / SS Panzer Regiment 5 was moved to Neu-Raab in Bohemia , where it was then spent with the Reichsbahn to military training area "Sennelager".
200 tank-men without tanks reached after an adventurous and bloody ride (even in Bohemia, the train was attacked from the air) the Sennelager, where they should receive 40 new Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther" , but never arrived. They camped in the area Warendorf-Sassenberg-Versmold, and the training was continued daily.

In the spring, the two pick-up teams were set in motion to pick up much-needed new tanks and bring them to the division. The South Tyrolean Nicolussi-Leck, whose pick-up command had 13 half-track vehicles, was able to raise on April 8, 1945 at MNH (Maschinenfabrik Niedersachsen Hannover) in Hanover actually seven Jagdpanther and a Bergepanther and went with this battle group in the last use in the context of the Reichs Defense , here the only Finn to wear the German Cross in gold, SS Obersturmführer Ola Olin . The second pickup team under Senghas was less fortunate. His vehicles were destroyed in battle, last his men and he fought on foot in the military training area "Sennelager".

Paul Senghas was severely wounded in captivity , from whom he was not fully recovered in June 1946. After the war he reported about this day:
"On April 1, 1945, at 2 o'clock in the morning, I received orders from the battalion to investigate the situation in the direction of Warendorf. For this reason, we requisitioned a DKW master class, which included a representative, to whom we promised to return the car with a full tank after our return. I drove with another three men, sitting in the front left of the fender, and Unterscharführer Klein on the right fender, through Warendorf, where white flags were already hanging out of the windows all night to explore to the west. Our car was shot down by an armored car of the Americans. I fell heavily wounded in the left ditch. Shot in the left thigh, left foot shot and ricochets through the left forearm with injury to the artery and nerves in the forearm. My detective, who had also jumped into the ditch, tied off my arm, and after a short while we were taken captive by Amis. "
Postwar photo measuring 4” x 6” NOT signed clipping attached on reverse

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