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*20.07.1917 Nürenberg
+15.01.1999 Mittenwald
Awarded Knights Cross: 10.02.1945
As: StGefr.,Gruppenfhr.i.d.3./Geb.Jg.Rgt.99

Postwar signed photo measuring 3 ½” 5 ½” signed on front and back

Georg Audenrieth graduated from 3 April to 23 October 1937 after completing a carpentry apprenticeship his Reichsarbeitsdienstzeit at the department 4/282 in the camp Lechfeld. On November 5, 1937 he entered the news train of the 1st Battalion of the Mountaineer Regiment 100 in Brannenburg am Inn. On 10 November 1938 he was transferred as a message man in the 5th Company of the regiment. After he had brought it to the intelligence platoon leader, he was transferred on 30 August 1939 in the Mountaineer News Replacement Company 1 in Oberammergau. On October 24, 1939 he was then transferred to the message train of the 5th Company of the Mountaineer Regiment 99 and promoted on December 1, 1939 to the Private Reserve. With this regiment he took part in the west campaign, was promoted on December 1, 1940 to the reserve corporal of the reserve, took part in the fighting in the Balkans in 1941 and in June 1941 in the fighting in Russia. In February 1942, he suffered second-degree and third-degree frostbite on the Mius front, which were cured in a military hospital near the front. He then returned to his company. With this he participated in the persecution fighting in the direction of Rostov. Since the frostbite had not yet completely healed, Georg Audenrieth had to be admitted to the military hospital on the 21st of July, 1942. After an initial treatment, he was then transferred to the reserve hospital Budweis, where he was operated on. He was economically assigned to the Mountain News Replacement Company 1. After his hospital stay, he was then transferred on 9 October 1942 in the Mountaineer News Replacement Company 1. On December 30, 1942 Audenrieth returned to his company. On April 13, 1943, he was wounded and hospitalized. There he was promoted on May 1, 1943 for staff sweeping the reserve. After his recovery he came to the 3rd Company of Mountaineer Regiment 99. With this regiment he took part in the fighting in Russia and then in 1943 in the Balkans. On December 25, 1944 Audenrieth distinguished himself in the defensive battles at Grabovo in Croatia by special bravery. For this he was promoted on December 27, 1944 the chief hunter of the reserve. He was also awarded the Knight's Cross on February 10, 1945. On 1 March 1945 then followed the promotion to sergeant of the reserve. At the end of the war, Audenreth was able to make his way home, but fell into American captivity on 1 June 1945 in Tittlingen in the Bavarian Forest, from which he was released on 16 June 1946.
On 15 December 1955 he joined the newly founded Bundeswehr, joining Sonthofen at the Telecommunications Teaching Battalion. Later he came to the Brigade Telecommunications Company 104 and participated in September 1956 on reorganization of the 1st Mountain Division. He then became a platoon commander in the Mountain Telecommunication Company 8 and finally training officer for NCO and radio master training courses at the Feldjägerschule Sonthofen. He then became a platoon commander in training company 1/8, then a radio operator and company squad leader in the 3rd / Mountain Supply Battalion 8. On September 30, 1969, he retires as Sergeant Major.

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