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Dennhardt Oskar-Hubert
* 30. Juni 1915, Markranstädt / Sachsen
+ unbekannt
Knights Cross: 17. März 1944
As: Major II./GR 11
Postwar signed photo measuring 4” x 5 ½”
Oskar-Hubert Dennhardt joined Infantry Regiment 11 as a flag boy after graduating from high school in the spring of 1934, was transferred to Infantry Regiment 53 on 15 October 1935 and promoted to lieutenant on 20 April 1936. On 1 April 1939 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. At the beginning of the war he was head of the 9th Company of the Infantry Regiment 53, with which he participated in the Polish campaign. At the beginning of May 1940, he became an adjutant of the 1st Battalion and was awarded both classes of the Iron Cross during the Western Campaign. On 1 December he became head of the 14th Company and took part in the Russian campaign from June 1941. On August 24, 1941, he was seriously wounded. After his recovery, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold on 8 February 1942, now promoted to captain. On March 25, 1942, he became leader of the 3rd Battalion of infantry regiment 53. At the beginning of September 1942, he was wounded again and, after his recovery, took over the 2nd Battalion of Grenadier Regiment 11 on 1 September 1942. On 1 November 1943, he was promoted to major and on 21 January 1944 he took over the leadership of the Grenadier Regiment 11. He distinguished himself in the defensive battles in the Vitebsk area and was awarded the Knight's Cross on 17 March 1944. On May 1, 1944, he was transferred to the Führer Reserve, took part in a course for Higher Adjutants, and at the end of July 1944 became adjutant of the newly established 561st People's Grenadier Division. From 5 February to 19 March 1945, he led the Grenadier Regiment 1143 and was again a Division adjutant until 7 April 1945. On 8 April 1945 he took over the leadership of the Grenadier Regiment 1143 and proved himself in the defensive struggles for Königsberg, for which he was awarded the Oak Leaves on 9 May 1945. In June 1945 he was released from captivity directly from a hospital in Schleswig and joined the Bundeswehr on 15 December 1955. Promoted to colonel on 1 February 1961, he was promoted to brigadier general on 23 August. On 30 June 1971, he was retired at his own request.

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