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Döring, Arnold
* 29.01.1918 Heilsberg/Ostpreußen
+ 10.04.2001 Düsseldorf
Awarded Knights Cross: 17.04.1945
as: Leutnant Flugzeugführer 10./NJG 3

Döring was born on January 29, 1918 in Heilsberg in the Ostpreußen region. He joined the Luftwaffe in 1938 and served on the staff. Only later did he begin his training as a pilot. In November 1940, Döring is assigned, as Gefreiter to 9./KG 53 . In the summer of 1942, he was transferred to 8./KG 55 based on the Eastern Front, in the Stalingrad area. There, he won his first 3 victories against TB-3 four-engined Siberian bombers on one and the same night. He also destroys 6 TB-3 on the ground on an aerodrome located 300 km behind the Volga. During the day, Döring claimed 7 MiG-1 and MiG-3 fighters while escorting aboard a He 111 bomber. He also distinguished himself in attacking ground targets by destroying 25 aircraft, 200 trucks , more than 70 wagons and locomotives, 16 tanks, 4 ammunition wagons, 8 bridges, 2 ammunition depots, a DCA ship, 2 tankers and 2 transport vessels worth 18,000 BRT.

In the summer of 1943, Döring carried out "Wilde-Sau" missions on a single-engine fighter for the nocturnal interception of Allied bombers, in the spotlight. It serves first with the 2./JG 300 . He won his first night victory on September 27/28. From March 1944, Döring served with 7./JG 300 . In all, he claimed 5 night and 3 day victories during his service with the JG 300 . In May 1944 he was transferred to 7./NJG 2 . On October 30, the 7./NJG 2 is re-designated 10./NJG 3 . He claims five victories including 2 during Operation Gisela on the night of March 3/4, 1945 over England. He is awarded the Ritterkreuz on April 17th 1945.

In total, Arnold Döring is credited with 23 victories in 392 missions, he flew 348 as a bomber pilot. He had 10 day victories, including 7 in the East. Of his 13 night victories, 3 were won in the East. After the war, prisoner of the British after having taken refuge with the rest of the NJG 3 in Denmark, he survives by performing various trades. First of all, he manages to return to the federal post. In 1955, he returned to the Bundeswehr with the rank of Oberleutnant to leave 17 years later, in 1972. After surviving 12 forced landings, he died on 10 April 2001 at the age of 83.

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