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Großmann, Horst
*November 19th, 1891 (Sybba-Lyck/Easternprussia, Germany)
+May 4th, 1972 (Rüsselsheim/Hesse, Germany)
Knights Cross: August 23rd, 1941
As: Oberst Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 84 / 8. Infanterie-Division / VIII.Armee-Korps / 9.Armee / Heeresgruppe Mitte
Awarded for his leadership of the Infanterie-Regiment 84 during the first months of Operation Barbarossa. He stormed Grodno and then held the bridgehead there against all enemy counterattacks. But his greatest achievement came in early August. On the 01.08.1941 his Regiment made an 8 km deep penetration into the Soviet frontline. Two days later it took the Dnieper bridge at Ratschino and the commanding heights at Watschkowo, holding these against all enemy attempts to recapture it. In doing this the Regiment would succeed in preventing Soviet troops from retreating over the Dnieper at Ratschino. Großmann, who was wounded in this battle, would be recognized appropriately for his unit’s success.
434th Award.

Oakleaves: September 4th, 1943
As: Generalleutnant Kommandeur 6. Infanterie-Division / XXXXVII.Panzer-Korps / 9.Armee / Heeresgruppe Mitte
Awarded for the successes of his 6. Infanterie-Division during the first few days of Operation Citadel, in which the Division participated in the combat on the northern part of the salient.
292nd Award.
Signed Iron Cross II nd class document, signed in pencil and awarded to a NCO in Infanterie Regiment 18 At this time the Division was 9 Armee Heersgruppe Mitte on the Russian Front. Included postwar unsigned photo of Großmann

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