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Siegel, Hans
*July 25th, 1918 (Bockau/Saxony, Germany)
+April 18th, 2002
Knights Cross: August 23rd, 1944
As: Hauptsturmführer Chef 8. / Panzer-Regiment 12 / 12 Panzer-Division “HJ” / I.Panzer-Korps / Heeresgruppe

Hauptsturmführer Siegel is the soul of the fighting spirit of his battalion. In the eventful offensive and defensive fighting around Caen, as company commander, he knocked out 11 of the 37 enemy tanks destroyed by his company.
On 27 June 1944 (…) in a night attack, Siegel gained ground to the north and thwarted the advance of enemy armour to the south. Siegel held his positions without any infantry support and despite extremely heavy gunfire.
While positioning and briefing his men, he was surprised in the dark of night by an enemy patrol. In the hand-to-hand fighting that resulted, he was stabbed in the right side. Nevertheless, he was able to repulse the enemy and hold his position.
The next morning the enemy renewed their attack. Siegel fought with his tank to the last, making it possible to bring up new forces and thereby prevent a decisive British breakthrough. In so doing, Siegel’s tank was knocked out from under him for the fifth time and he suffered extremely severe burns."

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