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Schulz, Karl

*January 12th, 1906 (Lüneburg/Hannover, Germany)

+June 12th, 1995 (Hamburg/Lowersaxony, Germany)

Knights Cross: August 26th, 1944

As: Oberleutnant zur See Gruppenführer/Kommandant "Vp 1509" / 15.Vorpostenflottille

Postwar signed photo measuring 3 ½” x 5”

Awarded for his successful combat record while in command of "VP 1509". In total he and his ship were credited with 21 allied aircraft shot down and 3 allied light craft sunk or damaged.

A Vorpostenboot (plural Vorpostenboote) was an auxiliary warship used by Germany in both World Wars. Many vorpostenboote also served in other roles, such as sperrbrechers and weather ships. During World War II, the Vorposentenboote were organized into several surface flotillas which were in turn attached to various German ports. Over 30 Vorpostenflotillas were established off German, Channel, Baltic and Scandinavian coasts.

15. Vorpostenflottille

Formed in September 1939 and initially operated in the Baltic. From the autumn of 1940 in was moved to the West where it operated mostly in the Channel and based at Le Havre. After the Allied invasion of France a large number of the Flotillas boats were lost. The remainder of the Flotilla was supplemented by boats of other Flotillas and it was moved, in September 1944 to Norway. Here it was used in escort duties at Kristiansand until the wars end.

German trawler V 1509 Rau II Sunk in the English Channel off Cap d'Antifer by enemy action on 5 June 1944

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