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FRANK Bernhard NEW~

Postwar Signature of Bernhard Frank. Obersturmbannführer Bernhard Frank (15 July 1913 – 29 June 2011) was an SS Commander of the Obersalzberg complex who arrested Hermann Göring on April 25, 1945 by order of Adolf Hitler, who had been manipulated by Reichsleiter Bormann into believing Göring was attempting to usurp the Führer’s authority. Frank placed Göring under house arrest but ignored later orders to execute the Reichsmarschall.

Frank was reportedly one of the few Schutzstaffel officers inducted into the rites at Wewelsburg Castle, and after the war claimed that he had arranged the eventual surrender of Berchtesgaden (where Hitler’s mountain residence, the Berghof, was located), to prevent needless damage to the Berghof. He later wrote a 144-page book entitled Hitler, Göring and the Obersalzberg.

Postwar signed photo measuring 4" x 6"
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