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KLEIST von Paul Ludwig Ewald NEW~

Kleist, von, Paul Ludwig Ewald
*August 8th, 1881 (Braunfels an der Lahn/Rhineprovince, Germany)
+October 16th, 1954 (POW-camp Vladimirovka-Vladimir/Vladimir Oblast, Russia)
Awarded Knights Cross: May 15th, 1940
As: General der Kavallerie Kommandierender General XXII.Armeekorps (PzGruppe "Kleist")
Awarded for the outstanding leadership of his Korps during the Polish campaign. In this time its breakthrough on the southern wing via Tarnow-Tomaszow up until getting to a point east of Lublin was particularly noteworthy.

15th Award.
Awarded Oakleaves: February 17th, 1942
As: Generaloberst Oberbefehlshaber Panzergruppe 1 / Heeresgruppe Süd
Awarded for his successes as the commander of Panzergruppe 1. He distinguished himself through the capture of Belgrade on the 12.04.1941, the occupation of the Ukraine and his major contribution towards the encirclement of Soviet forces at Kiev.

72nd Award

Ewald von Kleist was relieved from duties on 30th March 1944. He went into US Captivity in Mitterfels near Krenzkirchen. After having stayed in POW camp Tren Parc in England het was transferred to Yugoslavia to stand trial in a Belgrade War crimes tribunal from 25th April 1945 until 31st August 1946.
He was condemned to 15 years imprisonment for alleged War Crimes. He stayed in Yugoslavia until he was transferred to the Soviet Union in 1948. Here he was sentenced to life imprisonment and stayed in thirty different camps until he died in imprisonment on 16th October 1954.

Signed document for the award of War Service Cross 2nd Class with Swords, dated 12 Februar 1942. With UNSIGNED POSTWAR photo of von Kliest

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