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Brommann, Karl
* 20.07.1920 Neumünster/Holstein
+ 30.06.2011
Awarded Knights Cross: 29.04.1945
as: Untersturmführer Führer 1./schw.PzAbt 503

Karl Brommann was a Panzer ace who started and finished his career on King Tigers. He served in schwere Panzer Abteilung (103) 503, which became part of III Panzer Corps (Germanic). PzAbt 503 originated from the 8th company of 3rd Waffen Panzergrenadier Division "Totenkopf", which was equipped with Tigers from July of 1943 to March of 1944. On October 17th of 1944, PzAbt 503 received their King Tigers and on January 27th of 1945 was transferred to the Eastern Front. Following their arrival to the front, unit saw heavy combat in the Neu Stettin (Szczecinek) area, allowing the escape of refugees from East Prussia. During the night of February 17/18, PzAbt 503 was loaded on train and moved to Danzig (Gdansk). During the combat in Gdansk (Oliwa and Wrzeszcz districts) and Sopot, Brommann (commander of the 1st Company) destroyed 65 tanks and self-propelled guns along with 44 artillery pieces and 15 vehicles (including some T-34s from 1st Polish Tank Brigade "Heroes of the Westerplatte"). Following his outstanding score, Brommann was awarded with Knights Cross. Following heavy losses the remnants of the unit were evacuated to Swinemunde (Swinoujscie) and took part in combat in Stettin (Szczecin) area.
In March 1945, he was wounded for the third time suffering burns to his head and hands and a splinter in his eye. Evacuated by hospital train to Flensburg.

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