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Seibold, Emil
*February 26th, 1907 (Basel, Switzerland)
+September 11th, 1990 (Biano, Italy)
Knights Cross: May 6th, 1945
As: SS-Hauptscharführer Zugführer 8. / SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 / 2.SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich"
Emil Seibold was born in Basel, Switzerland on the 26 February 1907. He joined the NSDAP on the 1 April 1933 and the Waffen SS on the 10 April 1940. He was first posted to the SS Totenkopf Standarte and served with the Infantry.
He was later transferred to the Das Reich Division attached to the 3rd Battery, of the Panzerjager Battalion as a motorcyclist, and later commanded one of the batteries guns.
Germans tank ace SS Hauptscharfuehrer Emil Seibold fight on the captured T-34 from June to August 1943 in structure 3 SS Pz.Abt 2 SS Pz. Rgt, 2 SS Pz.Div. "Das Reich". At that time this officer held a post of the commander platoon assistant. On unchecked data on trophy tank T-34 during operation "Citadelle" Seibold had been gained 23 victories. From the beginning of July on the middle of December this tank expert gains 27 victories from which above 24 T-34 tanks. Most likely this tank ace was fight in 10 company, and later, after company disbandment 8/1/1943 has been transferred in 8 company, where was the commander of a platoon. His fighting score on the 12 March 1945 is 65 tanks, and up to the end of war him has been knock more than 4 tanks. After war Emil Seibold was live in Austria, and died 11 September 1990 in Italy.
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