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Obersturmbannführer der Reserve
Eichhorn, Hugo
* 11.02.1911 Weilmünster/Taunus
+ 27.05.1992 Gedern
Awarded Knights Cross: 15.01.1943
as: Hauptsturmführer der Reserve Stab SS-PiBtl 5 "Wiking"

Postwar signed photo measuring 4” x 6” Not an easy autograph to find
Hugo Eichorn was born on 11 February 1911 in Weilmünster. He joined the NSDAP (party number 590.774) and the SS-VT in 1937.

By the start of World War II he was in the 3rd SS Pionier Battalion, SS Division Totenkopf and participated in the Polish Campaign.

In the spring of 1940, he was selected to become an officer and posted to the SS-Junkerschule at Bad Tölz. He was also involved in the formation of the 5th SS Pionier Battalion for the newly formed SS Division Wiking.

After graduation in December 1940, he was promoted to Untersturmführer (Second Lieutenant) and given a platoon of the SS Wiking to command. He was promoted to Obersturmführer (First Lieutenant) and Hauptsturmführer (Captain) in 1942. During this time he held the position of Battalion Adjutant platoon and company commander.

He was awarded the Knight’s Cross in January 1943, while in command of a portion of the Pionier Battalion he held off an attack by a Soviet Regiment.
Eichhorn’s Knight’s Cross recommendation reads as follows…

“On the 08.01.1943 SS-Hauptsturmführer Eichhorn first defended Orlowskaja against a regimental-sized attack on his own initiative with 2 weak Kompanien. Then, in a counterthrust of his own, he smashed the enemy’s 550th Regiment.

Through this Eichhorn has exhibited an example of the highest devotion to duty, and through his independent actions he once again brought the important road/railway junction firmly under friendly control. Over 700 enemy dead were counted. 5 artillery pieces, 3 heavy anti-tank guns, 1 heavy AA gun, 8 anti-tank rifles, 22 MGs, numerous small arms and 30 horse-drawn wagons were also captured.”

In February 1943 he was also given the command of the 5th SS Pionier Battalion which he commanded until September 1943, when he was severely wounded.

After recovering from his wounds in February 1944, he took command of the SS Pionier Training and Reserve Battalion which was stationed in Dresden, he was also promoted to Sturmbannführer (Major) in April 1944.

He was promoted to Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel) in September 1944 and remained in command of the SS Pionier Training and Reserve Battalion until the end of the war.

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