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EICK Alfred

Eick, Alfred
*March 9th, 1916 (Essen/Rhineprovince, Germany)
+April 12th, 2015 (Bielefeld, Germany)
Knights Cross: March 31st, 1944
As: Oberleutnant zur See Kommandant "U 510" / 10. Unterseebootflottille
Awarded for sinking 8 ships (with 59806 GRT) and damaging 1 other (with 3702 GRT) as commander of U-510.
During four operational sails (354 days at sea), Alfred Eick sunk a total of eleven ships with a combined tonnage of 70.893BRT. He finally reached the rank of Kapitänleutnant.
Postwar signed photo measuring 4” x 6”

1937: In service Kriegsmarine;
?: Wachoffizier "U 176";
May 22nd, 1943 - May 8th, 1945: Kommandant "U 510";
May 12th, 1945 - July 26th, 1947: POW France.

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