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Tiburzy, Ernst
*December 26th, 1911 (Drosdowen/Eastprussia, Germany)
+November 14th, 2004 (Papenburg/Lowersaxony, Germany)

Knights Cross: February 10th, 1945
As: Major Bataillon Führer Volkssturm-Bataillon 25/82, Festung Königsberg

The following newspaper excerpt (dated 03.03.1945) describes why Tiburzy was awarded the Knight’s Cross…

First Volkssturm Knight’s Cross Holder:
The Bolsheviks had succeeded in achieving a penetration in the Königsberg area. In response a German Volkssturm Bataillon commander, SA-Hauptsturmführer Tiburzy (who had previously been badly wounded during the Eastern campaign), initiated a counterthrust at the head of a small shock troop. The Volkssturm managed to roll up the trench that had been occupied by the enemy with Panzerfausts and hand grenades. In the process Tiburzy destroyed 2 Soviet T-34s with Panzerfausts. Later, as the Soviets launched a new attack against the Volkssturm blocking position two days later with tanks and infantry, Tiburzy launched a counterattack with his Bataillon on his own initiative. In the fighting which followed he personally destroyed another 3 T-34s in close combat, and the situation was restored. For this reason the Hauptsturmführer was awarded the Knight’s Cross to the Iron Cross by the Führer.”

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