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GORN Walter

Gorn, Walter
*September 24th, 1898 (Bieganin/Posen, Germany)
+July 10th, 1968 (Rosenheim/Bavaria, Germany)
Knights Cross: April 20th, 1941
As: Major Kommandeur I. / Schützen-Regiment 10 / 9.Panzer-Division / XXXX.Armee-Korps (motorisiert) / 12.Armee
On the 10.04.1941 Major Gorn had the mission of advancing towards Debar via Gostivar with his small mixed Abteilung in order to establish contact with Italian troops. Following a swift, bold thrust against a much superior foe Gorn and his troops overran a strong hostile resistance line in front of Debar and then crushed 7 enemy batteries. 9 enemy batteries, 12 anti-tank guns and numerous additional war materiel was captured. This bold attack also liberated 800 Italian prisoners, which were armed and taken under command.
Through this action Gorn made a major contribution to the successful fighting in southern Serbia. For this, as well as for previously distinguishing himself on the 08.04.1941 at the Stracin Pass, he would be decorated with the Knight’s Cross.
267th Award.
Oakleaves: August 17th, 1942
As:Oberstleutnant Kommandeur Kradschützen-Bataillon 59 / 9.Panzer-Division / 2.Armee / Heeresgruppe B
Awarded for his achievements during the fighting for Voronezh in July 1942 (particularly near Bol.-Wereika on the 23.-25.07.1942).
113th Award.
Swords: June 8th, 1943
As: Oberst Kommandeur Panzergrenadier-Regiment 10
Oberst Gorn and his Regiment had a decisive share in the smashing of Soviet breakthrough attempts near Rzhev from the 25.11.1942, specifically near Sytschewka (along the Wasusa river) and south of Loshki. During this time Gorn contributed to his Division’s freeing of the 129. Infanterie-Division and the destruction of cut-off enemy forces. In recognition of his actions here Gorn would receive the Swords to his Knight’s Cross.
30th Award.
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