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Stimpel, Walter
*November 29th, 1917 (Oelsen/Saxony, Germany)
+January 13th, 2008
Knights Cross: June 7th, 1942

As: Oberleutnant Staffelkapitän 6./Stukageschwader 77

Awarded following the completion of 250+ sorties.

Postwar signed photo measuring 4” x 6”

Walter Stimpel joined the Luftwaffe of the Wehrmacht on 1 April 1936 and was promoted to lieutenant on 1 January 1938. On 1 July 1938 he transferred to Sturzkampfgeschwader 165, which was renamed Sturzkampfgeschwader 1 on 1939 May 77. There he was promoted to first lieutenant on 1 April 1940. With this squadron, he took part in the invasion of Poland, the Western campaign, the Battle of Britain and the attack on the Soviet Union. On November 13, 1941, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold. In February 1942 he took over the 6th Squadron of the squadron as a squadron captain and on 1 June 1942 he was promoted to captain. On 7 June 1942 he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross before transferring to an air war school in November 1942. From 1 July 1943 he took over tasks in the staff of the Luftwaffe Command Southeast in the Balkans, where he was promoted to major on 1 May 1944. On December 6, 1944, he became a Luftwaffe liaison officer on the staff of the Reichsführer SS, where he also experienced the end of the war.

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