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EULING Karl-Heinz

Euling, Karl-Heinz
* 16.08.1919 Dorndorf/Rhön
+ 13.04.2014 Philippsthal
Awarded Knights Cross: 15.10.1944
as: Hauptsturmführer Kommandeur I./PzGrenRgt 22 "Frundsberg"
Signed postwar photo measuring 4” x 6”

Haupsturmführer Karl-Heinz Euling fought in Poland and Russia. He was transferred from the Eastern Front to France as a member of the staff of the II. Panzerkorps. Fighting in Normandy, Euling was promoted to command the first battalion of 22-Panzergrenadierregiment of the 10. -Panzerdivision ‘Frundsberg’. Euling led the remnants of his battle-hardened unit out of the maelstrom of Normandy and back to the comparative safety in Holland.
At the onset of Operation Market Garden, Euling led his men back into the thick of the heaviest combat, launching a night attack against the British paratroopers at the Arnhem road bridge. However, Euling’s men were out-numbered and out-gunned and the attack was repulsed.

Euling’s orders changed and he immediately left for the ferry at Pannerden and led his men to Nijmegen. Responsible for the main defence of the road bridge in Nijmegen, Euling worked with Baumgaertel’s Pioneers to erect the best defences that could be mustered, fortifying the approaches to both bridges.
The Allied attack in Nijmegen ground down Euling’s command and both bridges were eventually lost after heavy fighting, but Euling did not give up the fight. He gathered the last sixty men in his command and advanced through the night, out of Nijmegen. He stealthily moved his men through Allied units and crossed the Waal River to safety.
For his heroic bravery during and following the fighting in Nijmegen, Euling was awarded the Knight’s Cross on 15 October 1944.
Karl-Heinz Euling and his unit distinguished themselves during the fierce fighting following the Invasion and particularly during Operation Market-Garden. Before the Allies were able to encircle the rear of his battalion, Euling managed to escape, leading his men back to the German lines and suffering only two casualties.
Euling’s Knight’s Cross recommendation reads as follows…

“Hauptsturmführer Euling has outstandingly distinguished himself through his unwavering will to fight and personal actions during the fighting against the air-landed enemy forces at Arnhem and Nijmegen (18.-22.09.1944) as well as in the offensive and defensive battles northeast of Nijmegen (01.-04.10.1944).

1.) On the 19.09.1944 Hauptsturmführer Euling and his Bataillon succeeded in reaching the Rhine bridge at Nijmegen from the direction of Arnhem (a city where heavy urban combat had already erupted). He crossed the bridge with his lead elements and in doing so laid the foundation for the creation of a bridgehead here. When he was later ordered to evacuate the bridgehead due to the strong enemy attacks, Euling held the bridge long enough for the withdrawal to be completed.
His boldness and fearlessness prevented the hotly pursuing enemy from occupying the bridge, which would have cut off the fleeing friendly formations. He reformed retreating friendly security elements through his energetic, personal intervention and encouraged them to hold their ground. Along with the remnants of his Kampfgruppe, he was the last to remain in contact with the enemy and so became encircled. He set up a defense in the citadel of Nijmegen. His calm and level-headedness influenced his men to hold out to the last man. In the process the enemy lost a Sherman tank and 30 dead/wounded. Euling decided to break out to friendly lines only after all ammunition had been expended and the citadel had caught on fire. Through skillful and prudent leadership he managed to bring his Kampfgruppe through the enemy lines along with all their weapons.

2.) During a friendly attack on the 02.10.1944 Hauptsturmführer Euling once again proved himself through exceptional attacking spirit. He significantly contributed to pushing forward the frontline successfully.
Over the course of strong enemy counterattacks on the 04.10.1944 (which were conducted with overwhelming artillery support), it was once again Hauptsturmführer Euling who gathered up the fleeing friendly elements, reformed them and sent them back into the hard defensive battle. In this way he prevented a rip in the frontline, one which would have inevitably led to a crisis. The location of the battle lines remained unchanged.
He has already excelled as a soldier during the fighting in the East and West as a member of the 9.-Pz.Div. ‘Hohenstaufen’.
Hauptsturmführer Euling is completely and utterly worthy of being awarded the Knight’s Cross to the Iron Cross.”

Postwar signed photo measuring 3 1/2" x 5"

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