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BIOGK Heinrich NEW

Boigk, Heinrich (Jäger-Regiment 49)
*October 30th, 1912 (Cologne-Lindenthal, Germany)
+March 28th, 2003 (Cologne, Germany)
Knights Cross: May 5th, 1943
As: Oberjäger der Reserve Gruppenführer, 2. Kompanie, Jäger-Regiment 49, 28. Jäger-Division
The following wartime excerpt describes why Boigk was awarded the Knight’s Cross…

“Oberjäger Heinrich Boigk… has repeatedly distinguished himself as a squad and patrol leader in a Jäger-Regiment during the combat south of Lake Ladoga. On multiple occasions he was the first man to enter into enemy positions and take prisoners despite the very difficult conditions involved. Throughout all of his reconnaissance missions he succeeded in bringing back valuable intelligence materiel to the higher commands.”
Oakleaves: January 18th, 1944
As: Feldwebel der Reserve Zugführer, 2. Kompanie, Jäger-Regiment 49, 28. Jäger-Division
Heinrich Boigk was awarded the Oakleaves to his Knight’s Cross during the fight for the bridgehead at Wolchow in 1944.

370th Award.
Postwar signed photo measuring 3 ¼” x 5”

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