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Born: 12 Jan 1893 in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern)
Died: 15 Oct 1946 in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) (Suicide)
Leutnant (20 Jan 1914); Oberleutnant (18 Aug 1917); Charakter als Hauptmann (08 Jun 1920); Charakter als General der Infanterie (31 Aug 1933); General der Flieger (01 Mar 1935); Generaloberst (20 Apr 1936); Generalfeldmarschall (04 Feb 1938); Reichsmarschall (19 Jul 1940)
Entered the Army as a Company-Officer in the 4th Baden Infantry-Regiment Prinz William 112 (20 Jan 1914-19 Aug 1914)
Battalion-Adjutant in the 4th Baden Infantry-Regiment 112 (20 Aug 1914-12 Oct 1914)
Observer-Training with the 3rd Flying-Replacement-Battalion (13 Oct 1914-27 Oct 1914)
Observer with the 25th Field-Flying-Battalion (28 Oct 1914-29 Jun 1915)
Pilot-Training at the Flying-School Freiburg (30 Jun 1915-14 Sep 1915)
Pilot with the 25th Field-Flying-Battalion (15 Sep 1915-08 Jul 1916)
Pilot with the 203rd Artillery-Flying-Battalion (09 Jul 1916-04 Aug 1916)
Pilot with the 25th Field-Flying-Battalion (05 Aug 1916-05 Sep 1916)
Detached to Battle-Squadron Metz (06 Sep 1916-27 Sep 1916)
Pilot with the 7th Fighter-Squadron (28 Sep 1916-19 Oct 1916)
Pilot with the 5th Fighter-Squadron (20 Oct 1916-21 Oct 1916)
Training with the 10th Flying-Replacement-Battalion (22 Oct 1916-14 Feb 1917)
Pilot with the 26th Fighter-Squadron (15 Feb 1917-16 May 1917)
Leader of the 27th Fighter-Squadron (17 May 1917-16 Jul 1918)
Commander of the 1st Fighter-Wing ‘Richthofen’ (17 Jul 1918-30 Jul 1919)
With the Processing-Office of the 112th Infantry-Regiment then Granted Leave (31 Jul 1919-11 Mar 1920)
Retired (11 Mar 1920)
Test-Pilot and Advisor in Flight-Affairs in Denmark (1919-1920)
Flight-Chief of the Firm Svenska Luftravik, Stockholm (1920-1921)
Oberster SA-Führer (00 Dec 1922-23 Apr 1945)
Severely Wounded with the March on the Beer-Hall in Munich, fled to Tirol then to Rome then Stockholm (09 Nov 1923-1927)
Returned home to Germany (1927)
Member of the German Reichstag (NSDAP) (00 May 1928-23 Apr 1945)
President of the German Reichstag (30 Aug 1932-23 Apr 1945)
Reichs-Minister without Portfolio (30 Jan 1933-05 May 1933)
Reichs-Commissioner for Aviation (02 Feb 1933-05 May 1933)
Prussian Prime Minister (11 Apr 1933-23 Apr 1945)
Prussian Interior-Minister (21 Apr 1933-01 May 1934)
Entered the Luftwaffe and Assigned with the Secret Organisation of the Luftwaffe (27 Apr 1933-28 Feb 1935)
Reichs-Minister for Aviation (05 May 1933-23 Apr 1945)
Reichs Forestry and Hunting Master (08 Jul 1933-23 Apr 1945)
Reichs-State-Governor in Prussia (30 Jan 1935-23 Apr 1945)
Chief of the Reichs Luftwaffe (01 Mar 1935-31 May 1935)
Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe (01 Jun 1935-23 Apr 1945)
Representative for the Four Year Plan (18 Oct 1936-23 Apr 1945)
Member of the Secret Cabinet (04 Feb 1938-23 Apr 1945)
Chairman of the Council Of Ministers for Reichs Defence (30 Aug 1939-23 Apr 1945)
Relieved by Hitler of all party and public offices because of alleged betrayal, and put under arrest. He was also discharged from the NSDAP in the Political Will of Hitler on 29 Apr 1945. Hitler excluded him from all rights, from the Reichstag-Decree of 01 Sep 1939, as well as the decree of 26 Jun 1941 (representation and follow-up) (23 Apr 1945)
In US Captivity (08 May 1945-15 Oct 1946)
Convicted To Death by the International Military Court in Nuremberg as ‘Head War Criminal Number 1’. A few hours before he was due to be hanged he Committed Suicide by a Cyanide Capsule given to him by a sympathetic US Prison Guard whom he'd found friendship (01 Oct 1946)

Decorations & Awards:
Pour le Mérite (02 Jun 1918)
Ritterkreuz (30 Sep 1939)
Großkreuz zum Ritterkreuz (19 Jul 1940)
1939 Spange zum 1914 EK I
1939 Spange zum 1914 EK II
1914 EK I
1914 EK II
Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
Goldenes Parteiabzeichen
Dienstauszeichnungen der NSDAP

Information courtesy of Axis Biographical Research

This is a very nice set of large size Luftwaffe Promotion Documents in their presentation folders. The set consists of three documents, each measuring 10’ x 14”. The documents themselves are set in a heavy manila folder. The folders have the large gold embossed Fuhrer Eagle on the cover. The eagle measures 3 ½” x 3 ¾”. The documents are held in place in the folder by twine which is imbedded in the folder. The top of each document has “ Im Namen des Deutschen Volkes in gold lettering followed by the other wording in black gothic script ending with Der Fuhrer und Reichskanzler, the facsimile signature of Adolf Hitler and the embossed NSDAP eagle surrounded by oak leaves.

The documents are issued to Rudolf Back

The first document is promoting him to Major 1 August 1938 issued from Bayreuth 27 Juli 1938. This document has an original Goring signature as well as the facsimile Hitler signature.

The second document is promoting Back to Oberstleutnant 1 August 1941 issued from Fuhrerhauptquartier 22 Juli 1941. This document has the facsimile signatures of Hitler and Goring

The third document is promoting Back to Oberst issued 1 Marz 1943 issued from Fuhrerhauptquartier 20 Februar 1943. This document has the facsimile signatures of Hitler and Goring.

The documents are held in a file folder. On the cover of the folder is typed Oberst Rudolf Back and his command Seefliegerhorstkommandtur Pillau (Sea Flying Base Pillau) and some German script in pencil.

There are some staining and foxing to the documents as pictured, but they are in good condition. A very nice grouping with the added bonus of an original Goring signature.

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