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Date Instituted: 1854.

Campaign: India 1854-95.

Description: The obverse of this medal shows the diademed head of Queen Victoria with the inscription ‘VICTORIA REGINA’. The reverse depicts the figure of Victory crowning a seated Roman warrior with a laurel wreath. In the outer edge of the exergue can be seen the designer mark of L. C. Wyon. The ribbon is attached via a scroll type swivelling suspender riveted to the medal.

Metal: Silver or bronze.

Size: 36mm.

Clasps: ‘PEGU’, ‘PERSIA’, ‘NORTH WEST FRONTIER’, ‘UMBELYA’, ‘BHOOTAN’, ‘LOOSHAI’, ‘PERAK’, ‘JOWAKI 1877-8’, ‘NAGA 1879-80’, ‘BURMA 1885-7’, ‘SIKKIM 1888’, ‘HAZARA 1888’, ‘BURMA 1887-89’, ‘CHIN LUSHAI 1889-90’, ‘SAMANA 1891’, ‘HAZARA 1891’, ‘N. E. FRONTIER 1891’, ‘HUNZA 1891’, ‘BURMA 1889-92’, ‘LUSHAI 1889-92’, ‘CHIN HILLS 1892-93, ‘KACHIN HILLS 1892-93’ and ‘WAZIRISTAN 1894-95’.

Naming: Because this medal was issued for over 40 years the style of naming varies considerably. Many of he earlier issues appear in the same type of impressing as the Military General Service Medal while later issues are often found engraved in running script as well as being impressed.

Comments: The order in which the bars should be read is from bottom to top. However the first clasp issued is often found at the top due to the common practice of cutting off the top lugs to give the clasp a more finished look and neater appearance. A bronze version of this medal was struck for non-combatants for those campaigns covered by the last 14 clasps.

Information courtesy of www.BRITISHMEDALS.INFO

INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1854 - named to 979 Naik Gouardoorajoo Burma Coy Sappers & Mines with 4 bars

BURMA 1885-7
BURMA 1887-89
BURMA 1889-92

replacement ribbon

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